Our passion for innovations and state-of-the-art technology motivates us to search for the next generation of advanced suspension technology.
Our dedicated and professional staff cooperates with some of the most prestigious manufacturers and teams in the world to find the optimal suspension performance and in the end this knowledge finds its way to the aftermarket and OEM shock absorbers, front forks and steering dampers on the street.

Our aftermarket customers ride on factory racing technology with just small or even no modifications. Our goal is to offer the same level of service and support throughout our organisation, no matter if it is a racing team or a passionate enthusiast rider or driver in search of a better functioning suspension unit on his bike or car.

To be a respected and preferred brand in the high-end segment within our business areas is a motto and every employee strive to make this come true.
To be in the fore front of advanced suspension technology makes us work even harder to find the next chapter of suspension technology.



Öhlins Racing’s CES system (Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension) integrates the latest technology in hydraulics and electronics into a highly advanced adaptive suspension unit that monitors all four wheels on a car. Based on the quality of the road and the preferred setting by the rider all four wheels are controlled individually to maintain the optimal suspension setup.

Use of the CES valve in a shock absorber removes most of the compromise between ride and handling found in conventional shocks. It enables the suspension to provide sportscar characteristics in cornering and lane changes while giving the ride of a limousine during cruising.

Öhlins has been active in semi-active suspension development since the late eighties. We have built in-depth knowledge about the valves, shocks, sensors, ECUs and software required to make semi-active suspension work. With our knowledge we can not only supply the valves but also the support required to build a full system.

Today the CES technology is used by several car manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, VW, and Volvo.

For more information on CES, please, visit http://www.ohlinsces.com/.