RGS Motorbikes can build you a track bike from scratch or improve your current track, depending on your needs and your budget.  Below is a guide to standard packages we offer.  However if you wish to have something bespoke just ring for a quote.

Package 1 – Basic

  • Fit Nylon/Plastic sliders to the frame & Swing Arm
  • Fit Bobbins for Paddock Stands
  • Lock Wire major Components
  • Check over bike, with DB and Weight Check
  • Fit break lever protection

Package 2 – Weight Loss

  • Replace battery with Lithium Ion
  • Remove all lights and other electrical systems, loom and fuses.
  • Use kill switch to double up as ignition switch
  • Remove all un needed hardware, controls etc.

Package 3 – Advanced

  • Upgrade engine cases with hard plastics.
  • Up grade DOT 4 to race grade DOT 4
  • Upgrade brake pads or and system less fad and improved stopping power.
  • Foam into fuel tank for safety protect in case of crash
  • Upgrade Chain and Sprockets to race ones

Package 4 – Tuning

  • Power Commander or Dyno Jet kit (if on carbs)
  • After Market ECU
  • Full bespoke Mapping service on our rolling road, every map is written for each individual bike.

Package 5 – Suspension

  • Nitron Forks
  • Nitron Rear Shocks
  • Setup Suspension
  • Ohlins suspension, repair and refurb

Optional Extras

  • Dyno run to confirm performance
  • Weight check
  • DB check depending which circuit you are using
  • Lock Wire Service
  • Fuel Tank Foam
  • Race Seat up to 10mm thick
  • Upgrade brakes
  • Upgrade Dot4
  • Upgrade suspension
  • Bike Weight Loss
  • Fitting of crash protection
  • Lever Protection
  • Braided Lines
  • Gear Change Light
  • Digital Dash with Lap timing
  • Quickshifter
  • Full traction Control with pit lane limiter, 50 point launch and Traction control
  • Full Tuning Service injection or carb bikes
  • Head Work
  • Profile Cams
  • Engine refresh or Rebuilds
  • Carb repair or refresh
  • Brake Calliper repair and refurb
  • Suspension and fork upgrade, repair and refurb